Less of me, more of you.. my journey toward being the supportive wife

I might be completely alone and speaking blankly to the internet on this one. But our current situation has really forced me to dig deep, to be a better person and wife. Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband, and I am in full support of his business venture. And everything that goes with it. But there is a thin line between support, and pressure as I have mentioned before. There is also an even thinner line between support and taking over.  So I am learning to play the supportive wife role, for real – after almost 3 years of marriage. (more…)

Oh so heavenly – Baby Farm Fresh Review

Daniel has an incredibly sensitive skin. When he was just 10 weeks old he was diagnosed with eczema and ever since we have had to be really, really careful with the products we chose to use on him. I’m talking everything from nappies, clothes and obviously skin care. This often means choosing the unpopular items and sometimes the more expensive ones. When Oh so Heavenly released their new Baby Farm Fresh range for sensitive skin I was really keen to try it on Daniel’s skin. Also really nervous of course. (more…)

Unique gift idea for him feat Mini-me.co.za

I don’t know about you mom’s but usually for me, buying for the husband I need to like really prepare ahead of time. Not because he’s difficult. Okay who am I kidding. He is really difficult. He’s geeky so that end’s up being really expensive you know – gaming, techno stuff is all on the other side of affordable. BUT then – *insert chimes*, Mini-me.co.za contacted me.mini-meOf course initially I was like oh yes, definitely FOR ME. But when I got to the site and saw all the really cool options, the better part of me was like “This is such a cool gift idea!”. So I decided to make one for my love to show him some appreciation. Can you tell my love language is gifts??


Firstly the site is really user friendly, and when you sign up for an account you get 200 mini muni (the currency they work with on the site), this translates to a discount of R20. Once you have an account you can let your creativity go wild. They literally have everything you could possibly think of and the range increases all the time. For Ian I chose brown curly hair (you could also do headgear if you prefer a hat or helmet or a stack of other options they have), I picked a face with a brown goatee similar to his, the range of facial expressions allows you to have some fun.

For his torso I chose a white lab coat, covering a batman suit. As a Optic Dispenser, he is often required to wear a labcoat and the Batman inside was just the perfect touch. Chinos for his legs. For his accessories I had to include a game controller, and a camera. I spent so much time putting this together because the options are so inclusive but if I could have chosen everything I wanted – I would have had to make like 10 different men. Which I could totally do and each one would have a unique flair. But alas – I only did the one. For the stand I chose an option which I could inscribe in the front – his name and business.

I could also write a little message and this being who I am I took full advantage of:

“Sometimes I think you don’t see yourself the way that we do. So I made you a “mini-me” to remind you of just how awesome you are. AND that you are our (undercover) Superhero! Love you lots”


There are only 300 characters for the back so it’s a bit limited but it also forces you to not babble on too much. Once you have checked out you actually earn points through every purchase for your next purchase… AND you get a 10% off voucher with your delivery. It came in record time and I think I’m inlove. I must admit it is a bit smaller than I thought it was from the pictures and site then again the reference I am using in my mind are toddler blocks which are way bigger because he’s tiny.

I love that this is versatile, and that if we wanted I could go back and just get additional accessories and change up his look all the time. Ian is also absolutely crazy about this gift. He said it was geeky and thoughtful. Which I am translating to = PERFECT! TICK!

In the meantime – what do you think of the Mini-me idea? Isn’t it like the raddest thing since ice-cream? I love it so much I think I need to make my whole family!

The day my daughter got to drive in an ambulance – Under 13’s in the front seat

Writing down this title, gives me shivers down my spine as I force myself to think back to the morning I got that call. I was on maternity leave with Daniel who was only 4 weeks old at the time. Ian and Emilie had just left home for school, work trip. Emilie was buckled in the front seat. I got the call about 30 minutes after they left. Thinking they had forgotten something I answered pretty upbeat. I could tell when I answered that Ian was disoriented and upset, and that there was a huge commotion happening around him.  (more…)

How to enjoy the birthday party almost as much as your toddler…

I have been to quite a few toddler birthdays lately, obviously with DJ entering toddler-hood it comes with the territory. Apart from worrying about the gift, the party usually gives me a bit of anxiety. I mean mostly I don’t know all the moms, and the more pertinent matter of my very very busy toddler. Who will most probably be indulging in more sugary foods than he usually has in a week in an hour.