As you know Baby Dove Launched in South Africa recently. Incase you didn’t know you can catch up on what happened at the launch here. I have already touched on all the ideas behind the brand. How Baby Dove spent so much time thinking about this product and the moms that would be using it. But the proof is obviously in the pudding. And what a delicious pudding it is!

baby dove

Daniel developed eczema at 10 weeks. It was absolutely heartbreaking for me, his skin was red and blotchy. It broke out for what felt like everything and anything that we tried. He cried, it itched. Mom and baby were not happy. Since then our paed has recommended different options and we have spent loads of money trying new things. We ended up using a lotion to bath him with, and a cream that we applied twice or three times a day and still he had some dry spots. Insert Baby Dove!

We tried the Baby Dove Sensitive Range to start, as this is recommended and safe for eczema prone skin. The range includes a head to toe wash, a lotion and baby wipes. Using the head to toe wash was such a joy! We haven’t used a body wash on Daniel’s skin since he was almost 3months old.

The Packaging

Not only is this product beautiful but it is so practical! No really, I’m not just saying that. Firstly the body wash is in a pump bottle which is extremely convenient when bathing a little worm. Which let’s face it, baby’s are around this age! Secondly, this pump opens and closes with one twist – this means no wastage. It also means if baby starts playing with it, it’s as easy as one shift (doable with one hand) to minimise the risks. What’s more is that Baby Dove has ensured that each pump is perfectly measured, so that it really can be done with one hand! None of the packaging has any sharp edges, in case they land in a baby’s mouth and they are all made of soft plastic. See what I mean when I say they have thought of everything?

The Products

Finally the juicy bits! Using the sensitive range means I don’t have any smells to brag about as these are unscented. I washed my baby for the first time in about 7 months, do you know how awesome that was? To be able to see a bit of foam and soapy residue left – was so comforting. Because our baby’s skins are so sensitive Baby Dove was formulated to not just avoid irritants and cleanse the skin, but it also replenishes the skin. Thereby leaving it hydrated and moisturised. When I heard this I was like hmmm, we shall see.

But I am officially a believer.

The wash coupled with a full body rub with the lotion, every night has not only left my baby’s skin soft and moisturised. It has removed the scaly dry spots which I had feared would never leave. Daniel has stopped his incessant scratching that became almost habitual. And I no longer need to lotion as often because his skin retains the moisture. Believe it? I wouldn’t have either had I not tried it myself.

The only thing that I don’t like is that although unfragranced, the Baby Dove Lotion in the sensitive range seems to have a chemical-like smell. The range is priced just above the competition, which I think is fair as it’s definitely a superior product. The packaging is also smaller, which means less product for a higher price. I have found though that I actually use less of these products. They go far and spread well. Will I be repurchasing this? YES! I am so excited and confident about this product that I am using the Rich Moisture Shampoo without any adverse effects. It smells amazing and DJ’s curls are absolutely popping! I want to try the Rich Moisture range next but just thought it too important to not let you know that this is an amazing product right away!

baby dove

P.S. Do yourself a favour, try this! You will not be sorry!!

In the meantime – Does your baby have sensitive skin or is he/she eczema prone? Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments if you feel I haven’t answered them in the above review. Let me know if you would like a similar review on the Rich Moisture range!! If you found this post helpful please share on the social network buttons below. Thanks! x

12 Comments on We tried out Baby Dove on my son’s eczema prone skin!

    • YAY! Me too! I keep checking Daniel’s skin and touching it because it feels so amazing now. So glad you are trying it to. If baby doesn’t have sensitive skin, the rich moisture range smells AMAZING!! xx

  1. Will definately give this one a try as i have now moved on to Dove with coconut oil but felt it still left his skin irritated. I also tried different creams and is now using an emulsifying ointment which in my opinion is not really helping as he is still scratching. i was told to use E45 cream? anyone tried this with success? i just want the red blotches and dry skin to kind of ease and make the skin a bit lighter in those areas.

    • Oh Cheryl! It is so hard. I have been where you are. Definitely try the Baby Dove Sensitive range, we actually used a cortisone cream to get the red inflammation down. Once it calms I used Epimax a few times a day. I did try E45 for a while too but felt that the Epimax maintained his skin better even though I had to use it a few times a day. Daniel still has a bit of scarring where he had dry blotches and I am hoping this will go away with time. But his skin is soft and smooth. What a joy! Please email me if you want to chat Cheryl!

  2. This is amazing! I’m so glad you found something that worked. We used to have the same with Addison and used aqueous cream… to eventually use something that actually foamed when she was older was awesome….so I totally understand your joy!

  3. I bought this after your last Dove Baby post 🙂 And I am really enjoying it so far! I managed to find the lotion and baby dove soap at babycity but not the wash yet. I like it as its not so heavy like the current cream we using. Will get my hands on the baby wash top 🙂

  4. My daughter is 13 and still has sensitive skin to most cleansers. I will give this a try as I am also a Dove user. Keeping it in the family 🙂

    Thank you for an insightful article.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Definitely try – and let me know, I am keen to hear what you think. The moisture that it puts back is really fantastic. xx

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