Sell your car without the drama

When my husband first decided to start his own business, there was a lot of risk analysis (for lack of a better word). We looked at a variety of options of how we would sustain our household while still giving the business the room to grow. One of the options we looked at was to sell our car and downgrade to something smaller and cheaper. Now there are a lot of ways to go about selling your car, but in our situation not many of them seemed feasible.

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What are you unconsciously teaching your child about their appearance?

Friday afternoon Emilie and I had a date at the hairdresser. We both went for a trim and walked out feeling all Kardashian. Ian gave tons of compliments, and we took pictures (something I now realise we don’t do enough). While putting on a bit of make-up on Saturday (also something I don’t do very often), Emilie was like wow mum, now you look really pretty. I saw that look and resisted the temptation to say you can put something on too.

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We do better when we know better – Vital Neonatal Conference PE

When I became a mother, I was only 19 years old and I had no idea the sacrifice. The strength that would be required of me to do this immense job I had been assigned. Back then we didn’t have platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter to post questions. To get instant answers – from other mom’s and people who wanted to help you. It was just you, you and your screaming, innocent little baby. Times have changed and one thing I do love about our the technological age we live in is, there are new developments in medical science everyday. They are understanding more and more about the why questions.

The Vital Neonatal Conference


Coffee without a coffee machine? Solutions here ft Mastertons

I must be the only person in the entire planet that does not own a coffee machine. After the #ECMeetUp, where Mastertons sponsored our goodie bags with some of the best coffee in all of the land. I found myself looking through tons, I mean tons of pictures of fellow blog friends enjoying their coffee. With us not having that type of coffee machine just looked at our beautifully packaged coffee. Smelling the aromas of wakefulness and stimulation… wishing for the coffee machine we didn’t have.

Thanks blog friends for not inviting me over!

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