Am I teaching my child to lie to me?

When Emilie has done something wrong, she gets punished. Breaking the rules are punishable offences. I’ve always been proud of the fact that she has a sense of discipline, she is obedient and there is respect between the two of us. Lately however, I’ve found that she isn’t as forth coming about her mistakes as I would like. Obviously in the moment it makes me angry, but isn’t this why she isn’t telling me things? Am I encouraging dishonesty with my reactions? How are you supposed to react when your child does the wrong thing? Where is the boundary? How do you instil boundaries without fear? (more…)

5 things I wish I knew as a young mother

A letter to young mothers,

I am writing you this letter because 11 years ago, I was you and I wish someone had told me the things that I have prepared to say to you. More than this, I wish I could give you a big hug because, as I think of what I want to say to you my eyes well up with tears remembering how lonely and frightened you must be feeling. (more…)

Our strength lies in our tears…

Have you ever sobbed? Sobbing is not just crying, it means to weep aloud with convulsive gasping; or to cry uncontrollably. Most times you don’t plan to sob, your emotions wash over you. Like waves breaking in the ocean and you are overwhelmed with tears leaking gushing from your eyes. My first reaction is always to hold back and to cry conservatively – which in my mind means to let the tears roll whilst holding your composure. Sometimes when things are too much, as it seemingly appeared today, my body releases all the pressure and I sob. (more…)

My EC Meetup debut

The Plantation is set in a magical garden scene, with beautifully framed windows and a beamed ceiling. On arrival I walked through a hedge enclosed pathway to a registration table where I was greeted by some friendly faces. They took my name, gave me a badge, a book and a heavy black bag. As we chatted, I could smell the coffee from the Mastertons Coffee Bar, and my nose led me stumbling toward the entrance. (more…)

Mom Guilt: The Payback Factor

I have been AWOL (absent without leave) for a week, whilst my life has been less than its usual imperfect self. All the while looking back now I tried to maintain some normality – which as we know raises even more havoc!The #ECMeetUp was on my calendar (side note: this was amazing!) for a really long time, but early last week it seemed this plan was destined to fail. Is this a Murphy’s Law thing? Because I really, really could do with a break here! (more…)

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