Having my ish together AND looking it? I missed the memo

Do you ever feel like you aren’t qualified to be an adult? Like having your “ish” together and looking it too is a tall order? I mean having your things in order is one thing but looking it too? Some days I come to work and see some of my colleagues looking like models. Perfectly manicured nails, make-up and dress. Hair “on fleek” and some of them with kids. I’m like hey man – did I miss the boat completely?  (more…)

Mini’s, Super Animals, Stickeez – Let’s look at the benefits of collecting things for kids

When Checkers announced a week or two ago that the Mini’s 2 collection would be coming out my heart sank. Another collection I thought, I know a lot of parentings are feeling pressure from their children. Us included, pressure to stop at a specific shop. Pressure to purchase in batches of R150, (more…)

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