How to not ditch your husband after you have a baby!

“Me and you sitting in a tree – K.I.S.S.I.N.G, first comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!” And then? And then what? Well, I googled it – and the rest of the song says “Sucking his thumb, wetting his pants, doing the hula, hula dance!” They got that part right! But the me and you is no longer important after you have a baby comes. We don’t even feature in the song anymore. (more…)

Looking after your baby’s teeth

Daniel has had his first tooth, and its been about 3 weeks and it is pushing out and just becoming visible now. Which is so adorable especially when he smiles. The cons though – the teeth and falling together = bloody lips and gums. It got me to thinking about how to look after your baby’s teeth or tooth in our case. We were lucky I think that his teething really only started just before 10 months which was really late and I didn’t have to worry about this too much before now. But I know some babies start as early as 4 months. (more…)

You are a girl and this is what it means… Tips for having THAT talk with your girls

A few weeks back I read an article by Sharon from The Blessed Barrenness about her talk with her daughter about the birds and the bees or sex. While I read I was like oh yes, I need to do this. Making mental notes along the way you can read her article here. When I got to commenting it became apparent that I was not needing to, as in still – but actually late. Way late. Emilie is 10 turning 11 in a month. Sharon’s daughter is 7. The more I read the more I stressed. (more…)

Trust your way – Baby Dove South Africa Launch

This past week I was invited to attend the launch of Baby Dove South Africa, in Cape Town. Of course, I was extremely excited. Not only is my family already in love with Dove as a brand but Daniel has an eczema prone skin. And thus far none of the baby products on the market have fully met our needs for him. I went with a heart full of great expectations.

baby dove launch (more…)

When your baby falls – Yes I said WHEN and not if!

A little while ago I was complaining that Daniel kept falling and that my heart could not cope. It is so hard isn’t it? Someone responded to my complaint and said “Babies are designed for falling, don’t worry he will be fine”. This statement should go under the list of things to NOT say to a mom after her baby has fallen. No matter how true the statement may be. (more…)

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