My “not-so-secret” shame – dealing with hyperhidrosis

The first memory I have of my hyperhidrosis dates as far back as primary school, grade 3. I remember trying to explain the best way that my little 9 year old heart could, to my then teacher. I had tried my best to not sweat all over my pages, and even though I was always trying – my work was seen as shody or careless. I really couldn’t help that everything was wet and then dried and dirty. That my needlework was a lot harder for me to keep clean. I remember her face. The embarrassment and shame. How angry I was with myself that this was something that was happening to me.

More so that I couldn’t do anything about it.


Poonami’s, leaking nappies and why! Finding the correct fit

In my 14 months of motherhood, I would like to say that I have learnt a thing or two about nappies. Which brands suit our toddler the best, how to actually put a nappy on properly, and when is the right time to change nappy sizes. Or how to know what was the correct fit. Unfortunately I wasn’t completely in the loop until recently. Where we had poonami’s – (for those of you lucky enough to not know what this means the name says it all), an irritated skin (he has a very sensitive skin already eczema prone and all), and a very unhappy baby and mommy. I could not understand. I quickly changed brands and had the same results, if not worse. (more…)

Less of me, more of you.. my journey toward being the supportive wife

I might be completely alone and speaking blankly to the internet on this one. But our current situation has really forced me to dig deep, to be a better person and wife. Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband, and I am in full support of his business venture. And everything that goes with it. But there is a thin line between support, and pressure as I have mentioned before. There is also an even thinner line between support and taking over.  So I am learning to play the supportive wife role, for real – after almost 3 years of marriage. (more…)

Oh so heavenly – Baby Farm Fresh Review

Daniel has an incredibly sensitive skin. When he was just 10 weeks old he was diagnosed with eczema and ever since we have had to be really, really careful with the products we chose to use on him. I’m talking everything from nappies, clothes and obviously skin care. This often means choosing the unpopular items and sometimes the more expensive ones. When Oh so Heavenly released their new Baby Farm Fresh range for sensitive skin I was really keen to try it on Daniel’s skin. Also really nervous of course. (more…)