Our introduction to “Toddler-hood”

Daniel has been classified a “toddler” for a month. A phase I have been warned about. It just came so quickly I feel like, we didn’t have enough time to prepare for it, emotionally and physically. He has all he needs though, a new wardrobe and such but there’s is much I did not prepare for too. Like, him moving from being a baby to being a little boy.ย Toddler-hoodย is not for sissy’s!


Face for radio – Dalin Oliver {+ Ticket Giveaway}

My husband and I are really different, I guess it’s why we work so well. We like different music, different movies, he’s introverted… I’m not. You get the gist. So usually when one of us wants to do something fun – for say a date night. It usually means compromise. Because we inevitably go to watch some new DC or Marvel film he’s been wanting to watch for ages. (more…)

The crappy side of motherhood – Saying no!

This last week Emilie was invited to a sleepover. Very spur of the moment. Literally Wednesday she came home from school and said “Mom, my friend “so and so” is having a sleepover on Friday..” she lets her voice trail off while she is figuring out exactly how to ask me questions she already knows the answer to. I was very calm as the easy answer to this would be “no”.


Deflated and you? {Life lately}

Do you ever feel like a balloon after a party? You know where you and your family have been flying high for the entire party and you kinda feel like your batteries are flat. You’re trying to stay afloat but eish man, you shiny self feels for being on the ground. So you just sink a little lower and allow yourself to let gravity pull you down. Until eventually you start to get smaller and smaller and the air within you just seemingly gives up. Yep, that is me today.