Laundry is one of those jobs that no matter how often you do it, there always seems to be more! What if you could find a way to get some free help and have engaging fun with your kids at the same time? Well, you can. Children love games, puzzles, and laughing, so if you can incorporate fun into everyday household chores, they won’t even realise they’re doing something that is usually fairly boring. Let’s check out four ways you can get them involved in laundry time.


1. Beat the clock. The biggest part of getting kids involved in the laundry is to make it fun. Anything that you can do to make it a game will help, and one way of doing that is to set a timer to see how quickly they can gather up their dirty washing. You could even use your kitchen baking timer – Emilie loves timing herself with it! Make a note of the time and challenge them to beat it when you do it again. Just make sure you check that they’ve picked everything up!

2. Colour sorting. Kids love puzzles and challenges, so put a pile of laundry in front of them and challenge them to sort it into colours. You can sit next to them with another pile and do the same. The interaction will keep them interested, and by making a bit of a game of it they won’t notice that they’re actually doing chores. Win! Make an extra special point to congratulate them when they pick out clothing with stains on. It’s inevitable that there will be some, whether it’s grass, grease or tomato sauce, so keep an eye out for heavily stained items too. For an easy way to remove tomato sauce stains click here.

3. Show them how to load. Another way of getting kids interested in helping out is to get them involved in the whole process. That includes loading and operating the machine. Kids, especially young kids, love the idea of doing ‘adult jobs’ so having them actually help put clothes in the machine will definitely contain novelty value. The key is to do it bit by bit. One week they can help load. Next, they can help put the washing liquid and softener in (with your assistance), and then finally they get to press the buttons – definitely the best part for them.


4. Fun folding. That’s the washing part sorted, so now for the folding and putting away. Again, you can make it a challenge by scoring them on how well they fold each item of clothing. Yes, this will take longer than normal, to begin with, but soon they’ll get quicker! The key is to sit with them whilst they do it; laugh, chat and have some fun. That way it won’t seem like a chore and you even get to spend quality time with them too.

By making the task of laundry interesting you really can get your kids to enjoy doing it with you. From feeling a sense of achievement by beating time challenges to learning new skills like how to remove tomato sauce from clothes, you’ll all benefit. Try out these tips and you get the added bonus of free help and turn an age old terrible chore into something fun.

In the meantime – have you tried making laundry or other chores fun for you and your children? What do you do to incorporate your children in the menial tasks?

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