My take on the joys and difficulties of being a parent, here I am not pretending to know it all… at all just trying to figure it out like every other parent on the planet and have some fun doing it. :)

Unlearning: Single Motherhood

It’s no secret that for most of my adult life I have been a single mother. Although I married a fantastic man, who is an amazing father to our children. I have never let go of the mindset of being a single mother. It was one of the toughest things to learn. How to be alone. How to be a two-in-one parent. It feels as though entrenched into me. But being married with a single mindset can never work. And so I embark on my journey toward unlearning. (more…)

Breastfeeding – The mental battle

It’s an icy cold winters night. It is just after 2am. All that can be heard in our home, aside from subtle hum of sleep – is the “brrrrrr, brrrrrr, brrrrrr” of my breastpump. I am pumping to make up enough milk for Daniel for school the next day. It is so much pressure. I ended up sitting up for an hour – sobbing while I pumped. I don’t want to do this anymore I thought, feeling so sorry for myself. (more…)

Lessons from my baby

Although little, he has like a tornado, turned our lives upside down. Our little firecracker has recently begun to walk. This phase of our lives has been more than a little traumatic. Mostly for me – he has been falling more than what my heart can handle. All the while he has been teaching me… lessons from my baby.  (more…)

We tried out Baby Dove on my son’s eczema prone skin!

As you know Baby Dove Launched in South Africa recently. Incase you didn’t know you can catch up on what happened at the launch here. I have already touched on all the ideas behind the brand. How Baby Dove spent so much time thinking about this product and the moms that would be using it. But the proof is obviously in the pudding. And what a delicious pudding it is!

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