When your baby falls – Yes I said WHEN and not if!

A little while ago I was complaining that Daniel kept falling and that my heart could not cope. It is so hard isn’t it? Someone responded to my complaint and said “Babies are designed for falling, don’t worry he will be fine”. This statement should go under the list of things to NOT say to a mom after her baby has fallen. No matter how true the statement may be. (more…)

Having my ish together AND looking it? I missed the memo

Do you ever feel like you aren’t qualified to be an adult? Like having your “ish” together and looking it too is a tall order? I mean having your things in order is one thing but looking it too? Some days I come to work and see some of my colleagues looking like models. Perfectly manicured nails, make-up and dress. Hair “on fleek” and some of them with kids. I’m like hey man – did I miss the boat completely?  (more…)

Mini’s, Super Animals, Stickeez – Let’s look at the benefits of collecting things for kids

When Checkers announced a week or two ago that the Mini’s 2 collection would be coming out my heart sank. Another collection I thought, I know a lot of parentings are feeling pressure from their children. Us included, pressure to stop at a specific shop. Pressure to purchase in batches of R150, (more…)

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