Devotionals for couples: Saving your marriage before it starts

Life can get so busy and crazy, we often find less and less time to be quiet and pray with our significant others. I know from personal experience that committing to a daily devotional together can be quite daunting at first. We have found our rhythm now after 3 years of marriage! The “Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts” devotional by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot was created with this in mind.

saving your marriage before it starts


My pre-birth story that stole the show…

You know how you listen to some birth stories and you cup your mouth with sheer disbelief! You’re not sure whether to thank your lucky stars it didn’t happen to you, or to half wish it did because it’s such a good story. I have got one that will make you giggle a little, just at the thought. Let me start by saying these birth stories are not only reserved for movies!

It’s pregnancy awareness week (12-16 February) and Valentines Day *insert soppy music*, My Daily Cake’s post earlier about Antenatal Classes this week spurred me to share our little amusing story, another reason to add to why I love my husband!

birth story (more…)

Things you probably didn’t know about car insurance…

As women, car insurance quotes is just one of the many admin jobs we end upΒ being delegatedΒ with. Do you really know all there is to know, to get the most value out of your car insurance?

Up until we actually needed our insurance a few years back, I felt like we were just throwing money into the toilet every month for “in-case” something happens. Well let me just say -“in-case” happens a lot more than you think. So no, this isn’t a “how to get out of paying insurance” pitch. Rather, this is a “did you know?” kind of, “you will thank me later” pitch. Take it as advice from someone who has made the mistakes and lived to tell the tale…

car insurance


Large sums of money withdrawn from your account without consent? Protect yourself from “Identity Theft”

Picture yourselfΒ getting a call from a debt collector. First of all ugghhhhh – as if you didn’t know that you haven’t paid that account yet. Except imagine that you didn’t – you actually didn’t forget to pay, or couldn’t pay. You didn’t even make the debt. Picture that debt collector, embarrassing you over the phone about debt and an account that you didn’t even create.

identity theft

Money you owe that you in fact did not spend.